Wyze 3 camera event recording delays

Hello, Lately for about 2 weeks I have notice that when I get an event and I go to view the event the image will show the start of the event but when I click to view the play back there is like a delay of 5 + seconds causing the recording to not show the entire event from where is started.

Many times even though the event image will show a person or car, animal etc when I click to play the event the thing that triggered the event will be already past or just at the end of the recording cycle. I have rebooted all cameras. My app version is 2.24.51. - I have 3 wyze V3 cameras and all are having the same effect. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if not. Thanks

One thing to check – Is Hardware Decoding enabled under Account tab > App Settings? If it isn’t, give that a try!