Wyze Cam V2 motion recording delayed

For the last few weeks it seems, the motion detection events have been recording delayed. The best I can explain it is like this.

The cam is pointed at the street. A car drives into frame from the left. It travels down the street and out of view.

Normally, the event would show shortly before the motion and then 12 seconds after (as per the limit).

Now, the event starts when the car is half way down the street.

This is annoying me because I am getting a bunch of events where nothing is happening. The motion is long gone.

I contacted support and they told me to manually reinstall the firmware, but that would require me going up on a ladder, taking the cam down, and generally being a hassle (it is outside).

Any ideas?

You can try to power cycle it without getting up there. Another approach is waiting for the next pushed firmware update.

Check your setting on hardware decoder. That used to affect the V2’s.
on Android Beta it’s under:Account>>>>>-App Settings--------Enable hardware decoder

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Thanks, but that is not possible on iOS.