Miss me much?

The second stomach of a bird, not counting the crop or craw as the first; the bulbous or muscular…

Yikes. That’s enough definition for me. :slight_smile:

I’m way past retirement age, but I choose to work because I know that the day I stop working, I’ll die. I know it’s not related but I had to put it out there :rofl:

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If Death is the period on life’s sentence, what’s an ellipsis? :grin:

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My knees are shot but the pain is bearable. Hopefully you will get some good drugs.

My brother in law (68) had knee surgery a few months ago. Not much pain.
A good friend had both knees rebuilt. Said the pain was bearable.

Every person’s pain level is different. I hope yours is a level 1 or lower.


I have a medical card… :sunglasses:


You lost me here :joy:

Thank you and hit me up any time.

I can’t wait to see how they compare, 2015 (manual) vs 2023 (computer guided).

Thanks. I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the better.

Picked up my pre and post-op drugs today :grin:

Some drugs can be your best friend or your worst enemy when they don’t work.

Thank you

Should be an interesting comparison. My sister had one knee done in 2020, and two friends have have one within the last few months and all three reported no major problems. My sister was hiking in the Rockies less than two weeks after surgery.

Hope the surgery goes well for you.

My wife recently had both ureters opened up due to recurring UTIs.

All she has is 4 poke marks on her stomach from each surgery. Can barely see them now.

Compared to my dad, who had his gall bladder removed about 60 years ago. The scar was almost as long as his torso.

Hope you’re doing well now. I have to say this is one of the most interesting reads so far. I usually don’t read b’cuz I tire of reading problems with equipment, since I’m not much help and have my own frustrations with them. Even if you were bored, found this different from the usual and comments more amusing. Sorry for your pain, but thank you for sharing.

Wife had knee replacement and was walking same day. Recovery for a single knew replacement is not terrible based on her experience. I had to be around a lot to assist her and encourage her, but she did walk every day. Some strong post-surgury drugs for sure. And her knee was huge after surgery during recovery period. Looks normal now minus the vertical scar across the knee.

No knee chopping for me since I have a titanium plate and a bunch of these holding one together after one of my great ladder tricks. I had this one removed because the head was just below the skin and I kept bumping it into things=pain.

I just barfed on my cell phone.

Not a fan of medical stuff.

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3" and SO clean

The doctor used a short + hand held screw driver to remove it and I felt every half turn. He laughed and said “I can’t numb your bones” and the nurse kept yelling at me to breath. :rofl: :rofl:

:grimacing: :flushed:

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How’d ya make out, 'Sis? :slight_smile:

The 2 hours before you go in was the rough part, pre-surgery. Post-surgery wasn’t too bad. I had a nerve block that lasted until 4 AM the next morning and even once that wore off, I was comfortable. I stayed for 23hr “observation period” since Aetna denied an overnight stay. Yeah, I know same thing.

Had it on Monday, went home Tuesday morning, and Tuesday night my catalytic converter was stolen :scream:. Had to look through a lot of Wzye files to find out when it happened.

The visiting nurse and PT came to the house Wednesday. Tortured me for an hour, repeated on Friday.

Tried to get out to Walmart Saturday, and that’s when I discovered the converter was missing. Called the police to file a report, took the car to the repair shop for a temp fix (they welded on a straight pipe), filed an insurance claim, and still got to Walmart :slightly_smiling_face:.

Most of my pain right now is when I’m up on it too long and the knee swells, Or when I try to do leg lifts, and when trying to bend. Formal PT starts in 2 weeks.

I would say that this was better than the left knee in 2015 with its 41 staples. This time no staples, dissolvable stitches and skin glue.

Even though I was in pain and the car got jacked, it wasn’t too bad of a week. I was able to safely drive by Saturday and I am able to get around with either a walker or a cane.

Would I do it again? HELL NO and since the left was already done I don’t have to ever again.