MicroSD card not found msg started appearing on Cam 3 view playback - have Cam Plus - no need for MicroSD

I have Wyze Doorbell and Cam3 - both have licensed CAM PLUS configurations. All cameras are upgraded to latest firmware. Both were recording video events for 3 months. I added a second chime to the doorbell.

Now when I try to view playback on CAM3 I get “MicroSD Card Not Found”. Video doorbell displays “Failed to connect. please check your internet connection Error code 20015”. When I click the refresh on the error screen the doorbell camera connects.

  1. never have had a microsd card in CAM 3 and the setting has it disabled - always has.
  2. I have deleted all devices from the account, powered off and re-added them.
  3. I did not add the second chime but the error persists.
  4. now I have added the second chime
  5. I have tried deleting all devices and just added the CAM3 - still the “no microSD car found” msg persists when I try to view playback.

Never had a microSD card in the CAM3 and camera and doorbell have cam plus licenses. Both worked fine since day one (3 months ago)

CAM3 will no longer record events.

Both cameras can viewed live.

Cam3 is firmware 4.36.9139

Doorbell is firmware

In v2.31 we updated the messaging on “View Playback” button.

The “View Playback” button on Live Stream is primarily for viewing SD card footage.
In case you do not have SD card, don’t worry, you can still access all the events in cloud on the “Events” tab (At the bottom of Home page).


I had to get an SD card because Wyze no longer allows me to rewind live events being recorded to see what actually triggered the event in the first place. Now the app freezes frequently and I get the same error, that I don’t have an SD card installed?! Also, now I’m no longer getting Motion notifications for that camera.

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Same - Now I cannot access playback unless I have a MicroSD card. What happened to my recordings? I’ve never had MicroSD cards before.

@ChipRockets - Are you able to see past events/camera recordings in the “Events” tab on Home page?

See my post here:

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Thank you. I can see that playback for Cloud stored events was moved out of the individual Camera’s playback into separate events viewing section. That caused an initial panic as I had a backyard theft the one time I could not access the recordings the way I normally do. Take care.

Can someone help me out? I have CamPlus. Worked fine for months, Now when I get a motion alert and I go to see playback, I get message “MicroSD Card Not Found.” This camera never had a card since events were being recorded in the cloud. And contrary to a previous comment, When I go to see a video playback in the Events tab, I get the same message. Something is messed up here.

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