MicroBot Push

I would love to make my garage door a smart garage door but it works just fine and I don’t want to spend hundreds to replace something that works.
I would love if Wyze could make a MicroBot Push (Smart Push Button). That way I wouldn’t have to use a different platform and just use the Wyze app. As I have a PanCam in my garage.

What do you think, Please make that a possibility I’m sure a lot of Wyze supporters will love this idea.

Oh, and I’m sure we would be able to be creative and use the pushbutton for a whole lot of things.

Thanks Wyze

I have to wonder if Switchbot has a patent(s) that might encumber a competing product.

For a lot of garage door openers, you don’t have to replace anything to make them smart. Have you checked if something like this would work with yours?:

Note: “Compatible with all major branded openers manufactured after 1993 with safety sensors”.