Mesh Router Pro with Switch?

Anyone using an ethernet switch with their mesh router? Does it affect speeds at all?

My house is wired with CAT6 cables all converging into a box in the garage. Outlets are in every room and behind every TV location. I’d like to set up my router in that box, then have the signal sent to 6 different locations in my house via CAT6 (TVs and a desktop). I just like the idea of having all of my media streaming devices hardwired. But, the mesh router only has one ethernet output, so I’d need to run everything through a switch.

I would also use that same CAT6 network to wire in a second mesh router in the back of the house for extended wireless signal into the back yard.

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The mesh router supports a network switch, and can be used like any other router system. Make sure to get a good, fast switch so it doesn’t act as a bottleneck for the other routers backhaul


I am using the Mesh Router with an Ethernet Switch, I have no issues with Performance at all.

I have a Media Cabinet where my primary router is and then 2 nodes, spaced appropriately to ensure I have full wireless coverage.

I have been extremely impressed with the performance of the routers.


I use a Netgear GS308 1Gbit 8-port unmanaged switch to tie my hard-wired devices together on my Wyze router (about $20), works great.

Make sure you have a fast 1Gbit or better switch or hub, and not a 100Mbit or even a (shudder) 10 Mbit unit. :wink:


I am using the exact same ethernet switch as newshound on my Wyze Router and it works great and is a really great price.


Thank you everyone! I’m no network wizard so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t killing the effectiveness of the router.

Looks like it’s time to order everything.

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Keep in mind the Router Pro isn’t released yet, but it will work the same as the basic router. While they will have a free difference, the functionally about being able to use a switch just fine won’t be one of those differences, it will work exactly the same.

Just wanted to throw that out there since your title asked about the pro router and it says it should be released early this year, so hopefully soon.