Merry Christmas to the crack Wyze programmers

The crack Wyze programmers have done it again! The latest update killed the doorbell. I had to delete and reinstall to get it to work at all, and every couple of days since then it fails again. Of course this only happens in portrait mode because they don’t have a clue on how to do landscape mode for anything. Time for a new doorbell that actually works. I used to be a big fan of Wyze, but they have pretty much done themselves in with their incompetence and ignoring everyone hee. This post is a waste of time because they don’t read them!

Ditto. The last update hosed my doorbell as well, just before Christmas. Will not connect. Power cycled, reset, reinstall. Over and over. I’ve tried all 3 vlans, all 3 WAPs. No issues before the last update.

There are no issues with signal strength or connectivity with other devices in the house - phones, cameras, lock, sensors, Nest, plugs, Chromecast, Roku, assistants. It’s not the network…


So have you guys called support, or submitted a log to help improve the situation…?

I’m sorry, I’m sure you will reply you have :rofl:

Submitted log and problem description, but have not called. Could not spend the day on hold yesterday, but will try this week

Managed to get through to support fairly quickly and they were helpful.

I had already tried everything they suggested and was able to provide some detailed information from router and DNS logs.

The doorbell appears to connect, has a valid IP address and then resolves 4 addresses (Google, Facebook, and an NTP server). Go figure.

The Wyze app then says connection failed, although the router still shows doorbell MAC address and IP connectivity -perhaps until it times out?

I may dig a bit more tomorrow. I’m assuming the doorbell is making API calls to Google, Facebook and Wyze services, and encounters some type of error. IDK.

They are replacing the unit and hopefully it will resolve the problem.


The doorbell rang today and I got up and went to the door. Talked to the guy at the door for two full minutes. He left, walked down the sidewalk, and got in his truck. He sat there for about 30 seconds making a note then drove away. I went back to my chair and sat down.

Then the Wyze app on my phone went off telling me someone was at the door! Woohoo! Only 5 minutes after the fact. lol

The app store tells me there is an updated version of the Wyze app available today. Do I dare install it? Who knows what will fail with another update!

This is just too funny. Look at the list of apologies and “we’re sorry” statements on their support page. Many other posts here on the forums as well about the latest app update blowing things up. Wyze really, really, really, really needs to hire a programmer that knows how to program. Can you say “landscape mode”?

Go to Love it with the Dear John replies. It’s Leadership (or lack of it) that trickles down into your staff. Problem solving and Que cards for replies. Merry Christmas!!!