Memory card size

I just received my first camera (V3). What size memory card is recommended?

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welcome to the community @David805

32GB is the spec size recommended BY Wyze officially. but with the correct format many users have used bigger sizes but that is completely at your own risk.

as the Card nerd around these parts I will recommend using HIGH ENDURANCE sd cards as they are made for this type of application.

these are what are overwhelmingly used by many community members. they are reasonably priced and work great. if you have any question feel free to “@” me I love getting into the nitty gritty of memory cards for some weird reason. if you would like, I have a few posts on using high endurance cards and their differences to regular cards too if you want some extracurricular reading :slight_smile:

hope this helps and welcome again.

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Size - Micro
The mini and full size don’t fit.
Capacity - depends on your uses, I get by with 32GB on most of my systems but have been using one 64GB for years and am presently testing Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB.

If this is your only cam you should have a 32GB GOOD SD card in case there is a problem and you need to deal with Wyze support.

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Thank you for your recommendation. I have ordered the memory card.

Am rather disappointed in the lack of operational information. The only thing I got with the camera was the “Quick Start Guide”. Nothing about how to set up the different features/settings. I realize they have some instructions on line but, for me, that is a bit of a hassle. I have a friend who will be able to help with the setup.

This camera will be used to watch over my wife’s 85 year old mother’s porch and driveway.

I assume I can have the camera viewed by both my wife’s iPhone and mine. Correct?

Thank you for your help.


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This, the Reddit forum, and the farcebook forum are about the only sources of info for Wyze.

They change the software so frequently that it is a constant battle to stay current and actually live ones life.
There are short explanations of how to use different features under Support, but often not detailed enough for the nerd.

For some reason unknown to me they have not taken advantage of the user base on the forums to write and maintain adequate “manual pages”.

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yes…using the same login in credentials would be the easiest ways for that. by using the same credentials both of you will be able to view events and go back and view the sd card.

Nothing seems to be easy with this system. I have a trial subscription to Plus which expires August 7th. I just purchase an annual subscription. The app says I have an available subscription. When I tap on it I am told no cameras found. I have a camera. What is happening here?


Does your camera have the latest firmware? I was unable to change from monthly to annual because my camera was running (and working great with) a “not the latest firmware”.

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I’m going to go with the same guess @gemniii had here. I would check to see if you have an update and see if that helps at all if you do. If not report back and we’ll go on troubleshooting from that point.

Apparently the problem was due to the fact that I had the free trial still running. When that expired I was able to activate my annual subscription.

Thanks again