Mediocre Outdoor video quality

Just a sample video. Wyze Outdoor Camera mounting height = 7 feet, the distance between the camera and the stairway at the end of the deck is 48 feet. Video breaks up a couple times as I walk back toward the camera. Audio noise was a result of wind and/or water running in a nearby stream. Video quality is pretty mediocre given that it breaks up badly at a couple points. If someone steals the camera I don’t think I’ll care. The scene is a common deck across the rear of two townhomes. The base station is plugged into a WiFi extender about 2 feet away, on the other side of the brick veneer wall, so signal strength should be absolutely great. Disappointed.

Hmm I was going to disagree about quality until it got to the point where you approached - exactly the point you’d want detail on a trespasser - and the video completely broke down. :frowning:

A wall-mounted 60 watt light fixture 20 ft from the camera causes so much glare at night that I’d have to take a board or a piece of sheet metal or something to block the light from directly shining at the camera. I suppose any camera mounted similarly would have the same problem with the light, but I’m just tired of the frustration with the outdoor camera.

sorry to hear your frustration. This light issue is pretty tough, any camera would have the same issue.

But what about the camera failing during diffuse, unobstructed daylight in his first video?

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I attached aluminum foil to one side of the light fixture on the wall, so light doesn’t shine directly at the camera. That seems to work pretty well at night. I think the IR lights might attract some bugs but otherwise it’s working okay. Motion detection seems to be working better lately and I suspect that was due to a recent software update. Denver had 90 degree temperatures today. Overnight we’re to have near blizzard conditions and tomorrow’s temperature forecast to be 30°. We’ll see how it goes.


Is the video set to “auto”,”HD”,”SD”,or”360p”?

The first video posted was probably HD mode. The nighttime videos were probably SD mode. The camera survived two cold, snowy, rainy nights at about 30° with its little cowboy hat.

The light definitely caused some issues with the video but not all the issues.