Max users on mesh pro

I want to use the mesh router pros at a small restaurant/bar. I keep seeing the max number of devices per unit is 75. Is that at one time? Or total ever? I won’t have 75 at a time. But there will be way more than 75 different devices over time. Will these work?

That’s the count for ACTIVE wifi devices per router.


it is 75 Active Devices at one time per node. not necessarily 75 devices in the list active or not.

So, if you don’t have 75 Active Devices at one time, then you should be ok.


Was responding and got distracted. Thanks for responding.


I’m reasonably certain the 75-device maximum is 75 devices connected at once. So just a bandwidth limitation. You can probably connect 250 or more devices, but that is unconfirmed ATM.

Neither of the numbers above are really important in a coffee shop environment, though. There your problem is lease time. When an address is served, it is locked into a lease, and doesn’t become available again until the lease expires.

That lease may last for 24 to 72 hours (I do not know what the Wyze routers default lease length is). When all addresses are leased, you would have to do something like restart the router to free them up again (I do not think the Wyze routers allow you to clear leases in settings).

I also don’t think the Wyze routers allow you to change the default lease length. For a coffee shop you may want to reduce that to an hour or two so addresses are freed up regularly after customers leave (don’t set the lease length to less than an hour, as some apps don’t like super-short leases).

So in the end you may need a router that is meant for commercial environments like a coffee shop (one that has more settings control).

Since I have asked more questions than I answered, maybe @wyzedesmond can fill in the gaps:

  1. Is it true that a Wyze router can serve 250+ addresses, and the 75 is just a recommended number of devices for bandwidth reasons? (for a coffee shop, the difference is how fast you will run out of addresses).
  2. What is the default DHCP address lease length on a Wyze router?
  3. Can you change the default lease length in settings?
  4. Can you manually free up leases in settings?

I will check with PM and get back to you on these questions. Thanks!

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