Max number of Wyze cams you can buy

Hey everyone just had a quick question, I ordered 3 Wyze cam v3s and I wondered if that they would ship them to me or if that you can’t order more then one or two or something like that. Just wondering if there is a limit to the number you can have in an order. Thanks!

Hi @g.l.farrell - I don’t know if there is a defined max that you are allowed to order it not, but the initial order page does limit you to three. I have been able to adjust the order up when I got to the review-the-cart page. Just be sure when you adjust your order you click the Update cart. I forgot to do that this morning and had to place a second order.

There is probably a max of 7, just like the V2’s.
But just keep ordering batches of 7 :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Good to know.

You can adjust the number higher than three in the cart when you view it before paying…I just ordered 5 doing that