Shopping Cart Problem?

I’m trying to order 9 cams and memory cards - but I can’t. When updating the cart an error message pops up that the Quantity exceeds the carts limits. So I can’t place the order. Less than Quantity 3 works fine.

I appreciate any advice on what is going on!

Wyze places limits on number of cams ordered via their website:

1 Wyze cam v2 (green)
3 Wyze camv2 (black)
7 Wyze cam v2 (white)
7 Wyze cam pan

Not sure about the reasoning behind the limits as you can grab as many as you want from Home Depot.


Wow that was quick, thank you so much!


No prob Doug. :+1:

I suspect this is to avoid resellers snatching up the supply and selling them at a discount, or selling them overseas. (Which already happens to a certain extent) The price at Home Depot and Amazon, for example, is the same price as one camera + shipping on the Wyze site. But if you buy a larger quantity on the Wyze site, you get a shipping discount, so it ends up being a bit cheaper than buying them at the retail stores.

In the case of the black and green cameras, it’s also related to the limited (and extremely limited) quantities.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the info. :+1:

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Sorry for the dumb question but where do you see green cams?

Here you go

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It’s a semi-secret. :shushing_face:
This one is even more semi-secret…

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How did ya find this. Doesn’t show up in shop?

There have been one or two vague references on the forums and elsewhere. :wink: I guess it’s a promotion for the Seahawks.

This is where I came across it, if you’re curious.

Mine showed up a few days ago. :slight_smile: I made a cool banner on my profile.

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This is where I found it

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