Why is there a limit of 7 for each device in the Wyze shop?

I like to test the limits of things and I found that you can buy a maximum of 7 Wyze Cams, 7 Cam Pans, 7 Senses, etc. per order.
Is there a limited quantity per person allowed due to low levels of stock?

Coincidentally before reading your post I started a thread in #Wishlist but it has not been approved yet.
As I understand it this dates back a while, pre March 2019 at least. They wanted to limit sales because people were “scalping”.
Now that they’ve moved into Home Depot I think the practice should stop.


Thank you @gemniii
I didn’t know they were being sold in stores. I thought they only sold their products online to reduce costs.

Even though they are more expensive to buy when buying in multiples at Home Depot it’s a great way to dip your toe into the Wyze smart pond.

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