Match Wyze Watch features to Wyze Band

If you just ported over the wyze band firmware/software to the wyze watch it would be usable but with the current features it is almost unusable. It has a nice display and is easy to read but other than that it really isnt functional. I am considering going back to my band until the watch is upgraded.

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Most of the FAQs answers for the WYZE Watch 44 & 47 Watches indicate NO regarding their capability. Seems these watches have therefore capabilities?? Would love to see what updates to firmware are planned? Seems these watches were developed and released without much thought to meet the needs of end-users. Even the WYZE Band Watch has Alexa and better functionality than these watches, Very disappointed in its limitations at this time!


I agree with you. I have gone back to the Wyze band until they get the functions at least the same as the band. Based on the cycle function on the 44 and not on the 47 it looks like Wyze is saying that 44 is for females. I am male but like the size of the 44. When the band came out they stated that GPS was coming to the band—nothing to date.

I agree. It’s very hard to believe that Alexa capability is on the Band with was created 1st and not on the Watch. Makes you wonder what Wyze is thinking! Wyze???