Wyze band, watch, 44, 47...?

I want to buy a Wyze brand smart watch, but while looking at whats available I quickly realized there’s a bunch of different ones. This is very confusing… I just want to know which is the best one…?

Welcome to the community @Jakez

This is a very subjective and personal preference question.

I will give you my perspective:

To me, these provide the basic functionality at an affordable price. It does lack some features the more expensive ones provide, like being able to listen to music or make calls. It is a Notification device and Health Tracking.

  • Wyze Band - I have the Wyze Band and ended up giving it to my son. I am in my 50’s and wear bifocals, to me the print was too small for me. It did function well though.

  • Watch 47 - My Current Watch. It has an awesome battery life, does the functions I need or would like, sans the phone calling which I never used on my more expensive Smart Watch. You cannot install apps on the watch either, so no custom addition. Watch faces are limited, but provides a custom layout for you to put your own background in. I use this as my daily driver even though I have a more expensive TIC Watch sitting in my drawer.

  • Watch 47c - Basically the 47 above with the addition additional colors and more watch faces.

Just as a note, it looks like the 47c is available at this time.

Note: you will be getting a lot of feedback on this, both pro’s and con’s. I personally have no issue with my watch 47.


Yes, selection is very preference-based. Depends on what is important to you.

For me, it’s very simple. I want to be able to see camera and other notifications without finding my phone every time I hear a beep. So I use it as an extension of the phone’s notification system that is strapped to my wrist. The Band was best at doing that for me. The text is smaller, but it allows you to set how long it stays on screen, up to 10 seconds. And then it is available some time beyond that with one touch of the screen. The others are available for a shorter fixed time period, and do not reappear with a touch of the screen. The 44 is VERY short, and almost useless for that purpose.

So think of what is important to you (try to keep the list to a top 3), and ask which one suits those needs. :slight_smile: