Mailbox Cam

I feel that someone needs to create a Mailbox Cam…Why?

We have all these amazing often hilarious videos of Porch Pirates running up the porch and stealing packages, and we get great pics of their faces. Seeing their faces is great if there was a social list of all convicted Porch-Pirates, but I doubt a list like that exists. BUT, if we had those same great pics and vids of their car plates, make, model, detail that would make a big difference when trying to track down these “useless bags of mostly water” for a human being.

If Wyze can make just about anything Cam and Smart including a remote control toy Cam SUV, I have no doubt that they can create the Mailbox Cam.

Take a look at the app called “Neighbors”. You don’t have to be a Ring customer to use it.


Most neighbors are too busy with their own lives to worry about a package being taken from your porch, and then on top of watching the house they have to decide if it’s worth their time intervening, because for all they know the package is being taken by a friend or family member that you asked to grab the package for you. And then by the time you report the theft on your Neighbor App its way to late, because the most you’re likely to get is a neighbor telling you, “yeah I saw them from my Ring and I think the car was dark blue, but it might have been black, and the guy looked to be between 16 & 35 years old, and I totally saw the whole thing, but I thought it was your brother coming to grab the package for you” ,…this doesn’t help anyone.

I really wish it was as simple as using your Neighbor App and as simply asking your neighbors for help, but its not, like I said, your neighbors are way to busy with their own crap to worry about watching anyone’s house for suspicions package activity, let alone to asking them to simply grab the make, model, color and plate number of the car that the pirates are driving…if it were that easy why do most people that have their package stolen throw the video up on their Neighborhood app and social media page asking for help catching the morons that stole their package(s) receive little to no results.

I have yet to find a Ring or any other house Cam, HD, 4K or otherwise, that when mounted on the front door or front of the house be able to can catch the most important incriminating detail needed to track down and bust these guys…a plate number and a detailed look at their faces, now that’s something that the police can really sink their teeth in and use to track and find these dirt bags.

Wyze is one the most innovative and technically savvy and forward thinking players in the residential consumer cam sector, and if anyone could come up with a Mailbox Cam or idea similar its Wyze.

All that being said I do thank you for the words of advice and wisdom, it is much appreciated.

Security is not a one size fits all or one single product protects everything. (Unless you are pour concrete in over the top of your piggy bank in the hole in your backyard - I guess). Security products and features work best for us when they are a layered approach with overlapping areas. So everything thing we can reasonable use and are practical for day-to-day review help.

You are right, most neighbors are too busy. But the few that are watching might be a windfall to you and your neighborhood. Maybe it doesn’t help, but ideas we share here might benefit others.

Wyze already has a mailbox sensor, would it be possible to install a micro camera with that? I think for power you can tie to a small solar panel to charge the battery. Data can be stored locally and then burst to the cloud to reduce power ussage.

What is a micro camera?

Mail box camera

Would love a mini cam with motion detection suitable specifically for mail boxes .