Neighbors, like Ring (neighborhood watch)

Any plans to something like the “Ring Neighbors” app?

I vote NO , I hope not ever

Around here on Ring all we get is coyote sightings. Like it’s news. I vote no.

Good idea. :+1:t2:


Vote no as well.

we need to have a wyze comunity and link this up with NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH a live stream…

we need metal yard signs free with a community pack purchase… we need to be notified if someone in the community posts a porch bandit and have the local police upload

this is more effective and affordable than the other(RING)

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You don’t need a Ring product to view the info/videos in the Neighbors app. I’m not 100%, cause I haven’t had anything to uplaod, but I’m pretty sure you can upload with any video also. Might help to not have the Wyze watermark in the video though. Better to have more info through one app than having to use two for the same purpose.

You can upload any video or image, I don’t see why the watermark would matter, I would want more people in one app then fragmented


I would like to see an option in the Wyze app where users can generate alerts on a map for people around us to know there have been crime/suspicious activity, with the ability to include screenshots or Wyze video clip.? Ring has something similar, and I think this might would be another “draw in” to grasp more people to use the Wyze platform.

The only drawback to it is then you fragment the community with Ring people in one app and WYZE in another, I don’t own any Ring cameras but I upload WYZE videos to the Ring community app, that way there community stays in one app.


What exactly does it do?

The app posts various alerts and or video clips of crimes and suspicious activity in your neighborhood. A couple of local law enforcement agencies recently joined the app in my neighborhood to also inform and request any video footage or info if they might need it.

I hope Wyze doesn’t develop a “Fear Network” like ring did with their Neighbors app. People don’t report crime. Instead every individual on the sidewalk is suspicious or casing their property for future theft. That app is one of the reasons why I want to get away from Ring products.

Hello WYZE,

Just wondering if WYZE has or is thinking about a community share function? Some other “doorbell” type systems have this function. This may be helpful with sharing security type incidents which are occurring in a certain area.

Thanks WYZE for a great system.

Are you talking about a forum where you could share videos to like Rings Neighbors app? If you are talking sharing camera access with neighbors you can already do that. By the way anyone can join Ring Neighbors. I see Arlo, Blink, Wyze and other videos in Neighbors all the time.


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Create a section within the app for both devices where wyze users can go in and notify other wyze users in your neighborhood of a recent crime. Also to create a spot withing the app to call the authorities in case of an emergency that would be linked to your address.

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I would love this!!


Welcome to the forums! Wouldn’t you want to know about ANY crime in your neighborhood? If my neighbor has a recent car prowler caught on his Ring device, I don’t care what device it’s on, I’d want that info getting to me and the rest of the neighbours. I don’t know how saturated my neighborhood is with Wyze gear other than they seemed to sell well at Home Depot down the street. I agree what @WyzeJasonJ mentioned above with fragmenting the community.

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To make a neigborhood app like ring for we can stay in contact with people who know wyze like right know that we need to stay in touch with people