Any Wyze users a Neighborhood Watch Member?

I’m a new Wyze user and I specifically bought the cameras as a Neighborhood Watch Member. A lot of times communities have to deal with trespassers coming on your property, people stealing packages from your mailbox or delivered to your door, public disturbances and so much more… and just calling it in isn’t enough.

I used to capture footage on my phone, but when I saw these camera’s and knew local law enforcement was setting up a Camera Watch Program, I quickly put an order in. They thought it was great what I was already doing but loved that I looking into these camera’s to take the next step.

Not only can the camera’s catch something happening at night, but they’ve got a view of a local alleyway, and a four-way stop, even my property. All of which can be very helpful to local law enforcement.

What are some of the things you found the camera useful for?

Remember camera’s can only be pointed at public viewpoints, don’t go pointing them at your neighbors house. A street view is fine. an alleyway, even a four-way-stop. If you have any concerns ask your local law enforcement.

I’m happy to say as a Neighborhood Watch Member, we just had a 4-way stop put in after a number of accidents at an intersection with stoplights. People were speeding through trying to beat the light and beat traffic. Now all are required to stop and not one incident to date.

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