Group (neighborhood) accounts for camera sharing

Some of my neighbors are discussing the formation of a neighborhood watch to deal with almost nightly property crime in our area. It would be extremely useful if we could share our Wyze camera feeds with a neighborhood watch group, instead of with individuals via their Wyze accounts. The idea would be that one person could use the Wyze app to monitor several camera feeds outside several homes, without everyone authorizing sharing to twenty or thirty different accounts.

I would visualize something like this:

(1) One resident would create and administer a group account, authorizing which individual Wyze accounts could join it.
(2) When another resident installs a new outdoor camera, he would share with the group account, rather than an individual Wyze account.
(3) People who then join the neighborhood watch could opt to receive camera feeds from the group via their personal Wyze accounts. So with one click, you’d suddenly have access to multiple outdoor camera feeds, with “eyes” all over the neighborhood.

I assume this concept would require configuration on the server side by the Wyze team, and possibly even a separate app to enable the functionality. Bandwidth issues might also be a problem. However, I think it would be a big motivator for residents to buy and install a camera of their own if they could create and join such a group.