Any way to share your camera to friends who don't have the App?

I would like to be able to share my camera with a few friends or family by a web link and even if it is just a current static image that would be fine. This is a service I would pay for if Wyze is reading!

Not natively as far as I’m aware. There are all kinds of ways to rig it up though.


Please use the #wishlist to suggest this, this would be a cool feature.

Wyze currently has webview available to most cams with a cam plus license, but only the owner account can view it. If Wyze allowed shares users to view it then your friends could create a Wyze account and view the cams from their browser without requiring an app.

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That is incorrect. I was pretty sure I had been able to see a shared camera via Web View, so I just pulled up the Wyze live stream and am watching one of my friends V2 cameras that he has shared with me.
It’s a bright sunny day in El Segundo, Calif. and there were a couple birds flying past the camera a moment ago.


If the OP’s friends don’t have the App they most likely they don’t have a Wyze account. Would Web View sharing still work if the friends do not have a Wyze account?


Yes, they would still have to have an account - without that requirement, anyone on the planet could see your shared camera.


Would the OP and friends all need to have Cam Plus or Cam Protect?

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No. The camera that is to be shared must have CamPlus on it in order to be viewed on with Web live view, but the person watching does not need to have CamPlus (they could not add it to your camera even if they wanted to).


Ya. I am the owner of the cameras here in the house and need to share the feed of certain cameras to a person that cannot see well so it has to NOT be on a cell phone but in a browser. I know there is webview but is restricted to only me. I need to be able to just share the webview of a camera to him.

As I said earlier, the person that needs to be able to view the camera needs to create a Wyze account, and then you share the desired camera or cameras with them. They can view them via their Wyze account on the web view.

Are you sure this is correct? At one point only the camera owner could view the feeds in we view because cam plus subscription status was only checked for the current account, not the owners account.

They recently redid web view and the subscription api, so maybe this was fixed.

As I wrote in post 4 of this thread in January 2023, I tested it with a friends V2 camera that has CamPlus and it worked then. I just tried it on this laptop again, and other than having to start Chrome (no cameras would load on FireFox today), I am again watching the trees blowing in El Segundo, Calif on the same friends V2 camera.
So yes, it is working and has been for at least 14 months.

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That’s good to know, I guess I missed when they fixed that.

Thanks for confirming!