Wyze Live View SHARED CAM Macbook Pro

I have one camera that has been shared. Starting today, Oct. 31, 2022, I am not able to view that camera on the web view. It says the camera has to have Cam Plus, but the shared cam DOES have CAM PLUS. Proof the SHARED cam still has Cam Plus is I still see LONG EVENTS on my phone up to 5 mins. Up to yesterday, I saw this shared cam in Live and Events on my Macbook Pro. I have tried Google Chrome and Safari.

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You cannot view cameras in webview that are shared to you. You have to own the devices at this time


Ditto/Upvote the request to be able to have shared cams (that have a subscription by the account sharing) to not require separate subscription to enjoy webview. In my case, I frequently tell others to purchase Wyze cams and Cam Plus and they want to share live view with me or they would like to share with another family member, but don’t want the other family members to have control of the account with full permissions and credit card for changing services.

I’m encouraged to see IEatBeans (Forum Maven) “you have to own the devices at this time” pointing that it’s being considered/planned for future.

Imagine a non-profit org that would rather buy 5 Wyze Cams and Cam Plus, and have it’s volunteers be able to have webview of cameras without having the master Wyze account nor using smartphone and just have a PC browser. Even if limited to 2-3 volunteers this would keep these type of organizations from moving away from Wyze to another more costly platform while keeping it simple.

Webview is still very new, and was just the other day announced to be out of beta. There are many suggestions for it, including this one:

Please vote on it and leave a comment for why you want it

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