Live stream is not available without Cam Plus.Learn More

When I go to the Beta kive view page onmy computer I have two cameras that are blacked out that say, " Live stream is not available without Cam Plus.Learn More " BUT they already are enrolled in the Plus version and paid for? how to se them, I can see them fine on my android phone ?

Is there a chance these cams are CamPlus cams that have been shared with you?

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yes they are but the owner on her own network cannot see them on her computer either?

It is my understanding from other posts in the forum that shared cams cannot be viewed in Live View. I thought this was just for the shared user but I can’t confirm if it is for both the account owner and the shared user as I don’t have a shared cam to test it.

To test this, have her delete the share and see if they come on in WebView for her. If they do not, then there is a possibility that her CamPlus license on that cam is not loading properly to trigger the WebView authorization. A cache clear \ refresh \ reload sequence may be in order.

If they do come on in WebView after the share deletion, have her reshare them and see if they then go off again. That will confirm if shared cams are able to be seen or not by the account owner.

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I think I found something about this " live feed from shared cams is not viewable at all under WebView" even if its on your own camera and network… That realy sucks…

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I think that was the other thread I was also active on. Do you have a link to that post?

Was it this one:

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