Shared cameras in WebView?

I shared cameras at work with a few of my coworkers. They appear fine for me on WebView (the cameras all have Cam Plus) but the people I have shared the cameras with get messages saying that the cameras cannot be streamed and errors viewing events stating that the cameras need Cam Plus.

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Wyze Web View is still in Beta. That means they are still developing the UI, functions and accessibility. It is very much a “Work in Progress” or “Project in the Works”.

It has been a slow development too. Regardless, until Wyze puts more resources into it’s development, you get what you get. It is also not a “revenue center” that will bring them profits, so it probably isn’t getting much attention.

EDIT: here is the Wyze official announcement thread and #Roadmap topic discussing it. Perhaps a post in thise will help them fix the issue.


I created a Wyze account for my mom and shared one of my cameras with her. She’s not a smartphone user, so I logged into Web View with that account.

The Web View page says “live stream is not available without Cam Plus,” so I signed that account up with a Cam Plus license.

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to assign that license to the shared camera in the Wyze app. The shared camera doesn’t show up under “Available Devices” that you can assign a license to.

Am I missing something, or is there just no way that Web View can be made to work with a shared cam, even with a license on the sharing account?

WebView is only available for CamPlus cams. That is correct.

CamPlus cannot be assigned to a shared cam. It must be assigned with a license and cam on the owner’s account.

So, if you shared your cam with her, you would need to purchase and assign the CamPlus license from your account, not hers.

One thing that I am :thinking: unsure of…, I don’t know if shared CamPlus Cams are viewable in the shared users WebView. Let’s see if more ppl respond. If not, we can send up the bat :bat: Signal.

There is a CamPlus license assigned to it in my account. You’re right that CamPlus cannot be assigned to a shared cam under her account. Since that’s the case, live feed from shared cams is not viewable at all under WebView. (I just confirmed with tech support chat)

The problem is that under her account in WebView, the shared cam shows up, but there’s a message saying it needs a CamPlus license for Live View. It should say “shared cams are not supported and there’s nothing you can do about it.” :slight_smile:

:disappointed: No bueno. I will add that to my knowledge base though. Thanks for confirming this.

You are 100% on target. Message is misleading.

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