Whole Neighborhood Wyze Cam Surveillance

First off, I loved my first Wyze Cam v2, so I am so far up to 3 v2’s and 1 Pan. I can’t stop buying them, and I want more people to know about them. I am getting involved with my Civic Association (neighborhood’s voluntary HOA), and I want to know if there is some way to encourage members to buy these? Having houses with cameras is a major crime deterrent, so if there was a way to encourage a critical mass of houses in my neighborhood to have a camera pointed around their property, it would encourage would-be criminals to not waste their time in our neighborhood. We already have a critical mass of houses with alarm systems, but this would be able to take us a step further, I think. Looking for everyone’s thoughts (good and bad) on this idea and anything else to consider? Thanks in advance!

I have the exact same situation here and want to get the word out about these awesome little units. Live on a private rd with a homeowners association and all that as well. Houses are packed in tight and used to be one road in and dead end… added on to our development and now there’s various ways in and out with more traffic to go along with it. Neighbors had a package stolen in the middle of the day, on a Saturday to boot! My cameras went up on Sunday so I couldn’t help them out with any video unfortunately. I think that getting the word out about these is a great idea and any ideas on how to implement this technology and advertise it to the masses would be appreciated as well! I’ve pretty much sold my neighbors on these units and hope to get others on board as well. Also I wish that wyze made stickers that I could place on my door/window just to notify visitors that they are being watched… might deter mischief? Who knows…

Wyze has provided templates so you can print your own stickers if you wish.



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@yobogel and @Wizeguy19 if you guys have HOA meeting I came up with a plan for a guy whos wife didnt want him to get more cams. it might work for you guys lol but other than meetings and making them known there, just tell your immediate neighbors. especially if they have helped foil some thing bad from happening. word of mouth is very very strong in selling people.

Having a social media based type of extension for Wyze cameras similar to the RING neighborhood app will be a great contender for this. Also, RING is the only one with such a feature to compliment their products. Wyze has and is continuing to build an extremely loyal base of users, It would be awesome to see Wyze do something that can actually compete with RING in the neighborhood social media type of space.

I’m not familiar with how the ring social media thing works, but all I’ve seen is people share on our FB neighborhood thread.
That’s plenty easy to do with Wyze.
Maybe something more “built in” would be nicer, but I don’t want to have my system automatically posting content.

Welcome to the Wyze Community @Brewcam.
I have a full assortment of Ring devices in addition to my Wyze devices. There is a lot of false information out there concerning the Police, Facebook, and others having direct unfettered access to a person’s Ring devices. This is totally false.

Here is the straight skinny:
“Building Better Communities Together: How and Why Ring Connects Communities and Law Enforcement Through the Neighbors App.”

In my small corner of WA State, the Neighbors App has been responsible for the apprehension of many “porch pirates”, car thieves/prowlers, vandals, taggers, door-to-door scammers, and other miscreants as well as help finding lost pets. My Ring Cams and my participation alone have resulted in finding and returning 2 lost dogs to their owners and capturing one wanted car prowler.


The Neighbors app isn’t exclusive to Ring owners, anyone can use it and upload videos to it, even wyze cam videos. The more sites and apps for this just means the more diluted and spread the space will become with some neighbors posting on some sites and others on other apps.

So the functionality of that app is you manually upload content?

Yes, it’s a voluntary thing. Expect a lot of unnecessary uploads though!! :laughing:

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I am all for community watch but be careful what you wish for. Ring is the only company to also allow police to monitor any of their cameras. I’m not a criminal but I don’t like that idea which is one reason I don’t buy ring cameras.

I think this is a false conception and needs to be corrected.

Ring does not allow the police to monitor their customers cameras. I have a Ring cam and I also use the Ring Neighborhood app. Here is an official statement from the Ring Company from their Privacy Policy.

No access to devices.
Law enforcement are never given access to users cameras or devices through the Neighbors Portal or by Ring.
• No direct access to users when making
video requests.
Your local law enforcement agency can use Neighbors to request assistance in an investigation. To protect your privacy and your ability to decline the request, law enforcement must go through the Neighbors Portal when making a request. You have 100% control – if you choose not to share, or you, opt out, your local law enforcement will never know as you’ll remain totally anonymous.
• No user account information.
Users are identified in the Neighbors Portal only as “Neighbor #”. Although law enforcement knows the users posting content reside within their jurisdiction, law enforcement cannot see or access user account information.
• No device location.
The Neighbors Portal does not provide law enforcement with the addresses at which any devices are located


Yeah there is no way that would be legal for local law enforcement to watch any RING camera at will or without any notification to the customer/ opt in request being approved by the customer. But what fun many lawyers would have with it if they were actually doing this. :grinning: RING simply has the option for their customers to easily share saved video footage through a specific neighborhood portal with law enforcement only if the customer opts for it. That’s it, there is no behind the scenes peeking at your live streams or your saved videos unless you opt to share them with law enforcement. I agree that the idea can be a bit creepy if the limitations are not understood.

I read an article about how overwhelmed some of the local law enforcement groups are by it. They do not have the bandwidth to even look at everything that customers opt to send them in a timely manner. Also, much to my surprise everyone has a different idea of what a suspicious person really is or what really is an illegal activity caught on video. I can only imagine the wave of useless videos they have to go thru on a daily basis.


I know for a fact they can regardless of what their terms say.

Do some research and you will find they can do this.

How do you know for a fact?


Well then…scary thought if really true. One with some technical know how could easily find out and prove if that is true by looking at the inbound/outbound traffic on their router more extensively. That is my two cents here and now I am done digging further into this part of the discussion.

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“When police partner with Ring, they have access to a law enforcement dashboard, where they can geofence areas and request footage filmed at specific times. Law enforcement can only get footage from the app if residents choose to send it. Otherwise, police need to subpoena Ring.”