Lost internet, nothing works over wifi?

I’ve decided to invest in Wyze eco system for the home automation and have been adding devices over time. Recently I’ve added the robot vacuum and loving it. However, today my ISP went dead and I lost internet and realized that none of the devices are accessible except for the cam v3. I’m confused by this because all devices are on wifi network and I should be able to control them locally? I understand that any services that requires cloud won’t work but I thought control over wifi should still work. Obviously I can go over to the devices and control them manually but why can’t I control them remotely over wifi? Is this normal?

So are all Wyze devices cloud based and basically turns into dumb devices without the internet?


The answer is yes, everything is controlled via the cloud and stops functioning if you lose your internet connection.


Okay… I now feel like I’ve made a terrible mistake. Devices should work over wifi and not the internet. Internet should only be required for notifications over internet and storing data. There’s no reason to go wifi>internet>wifi for everything a device does.

Wifi connection should always be the primary method of device control and notifications. No wonder notifications are delayed especially with Camplus sub.


That would be good, but it’s not the way it works,
I don’t even see any reason the cameras should have to contact a server before working but that’s the way it is :frowning:


I agree completely. I have both Wyze and Kasa smart plugs. Kasa will continue to work without internet in a “local” mode. Wyze doesn’t which is something I really don’t like about them and why I also have Kasa. I have a Kasa smart switch and outlet that I’m installing soon and will see if they too have a local mode.


I agree, local processing would be best. But I have seem Youtube video’s and have confirmed with a colleague of mine that the v3 vamera’s and even the v2, will still work if your internet is not working but your internal network is. The only piece which won’t work is sending of the video for interrogation for AI or storage. This is why putting an SD card in the camera is a benefit. Of course, you have to do the initial setup while your internet is working.

Not sure about the Cam Pans or WCO as we have not tested with those devices.


I will add it works as long as there is not a power interruption, after the power comes back on the device MUST connect to the internet before it will resume recording.


:slight_smile: that is the truth. I was more focused on the Internet not being available.


I know my cam v2/3 works over wifi but even the thermostat and vacuum could not be controlled. Why does Wyze need to collect that information? And this means that all their devices will seize to function without their server.

It’s not so much collecting the information. It’s that their devices all work by phoning home for command and control. There just is no local operation (other than limited things like reaching cameras until the next reboot or changing thermostat settings from the panel).

For reliable local control you really need some more permanent intelligence on the home end, something like HomeAssistant (or Apple’s HomeKit).

Yes, if you thought otherwise, it was a mistake.

It’s like this with a lot of cheap (and expensive) home automation.

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look up RTSP firmware.
Home Assistant.
Those three things together will get you what most people expect should happen when the Internet goes out.
Maybe you have a PC or raspberry pie it can run on, but my 2012 Mac mini seems to be the minimum spec vs a raspberry pie.

How do they help with bulbs and plugs? Does Frigate work directly without the Wyze servers? Cameras are simple enough but I don’t understand how those systems can work with plugs, bulbs or sensors directly.

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I believe it is to make it easier on the programming side, and more idiot proof on the user side. It’s much simpler to have a system that works the same no matter if you are on the same network (WIFI) or connecting from across the world.

Just searched for Frigate online. The solutions you suggest are good for the cameras but won’t do anything for the other items one might need offline. I want my sensors to send alerts and activate plugs or other devices. Also want to be able to control lights and plugs which is still impossible with any of the systems you mention.

Yea this is just for a local video solution.
I knew Wyze was a silo with regards to their IOT gear so I stayed away from it.
Honestly now I would consider the UniFi Camera G3 Instant from now on when I want a cheap camera with no on-board person detection.
In fairness I splurged on the CloudKey to get start but it’s all local if you want it to be.
The UniFi world is $$ but it’s amazing they have a $30 option.
Yes I know it’s unavailable, but that’s just due to the current shipping and supply chain environment.

Which is why so many of us still hold the belief that Wyze – as a home security measure—is a very poor idea. When you look at true home security systems, prior to the Internet, devices were much more reliable. WiFi and Internet are simply convenience features. In the “old days“, we used cellular phone interfaces for our security systems. Those interfaces weren’t 100% of course, but far more reliable than Internet in a lot of geographic areas.

I don’t believe it’s an issue exclusive to Wyze. Lots of manufactures tie their products/services to the cloud these days in order to maintain an ongoing revenue stream. Having that connection also provides marketing and engineering with feedback as to how their devices are being used and function. Before the advent of the cloud, security systems including video surveillance and intrusion detection were independent systems with built-in back ups and independent of mains power. In fact, their ability to function standalone was touted as a feature. It used to be that security systems communicated via telephone landline (independently powered) and/or cellular communications tied to a monitoring service or directly with the police.

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Totally agree with this statement. I have the HMS system and a subscription but have never actually activated it for real use. I keep it in Test mode and never activate Home or Away mode because I simply don’t trust it to work.


Gee, those are nice and inexpensive BEFORE you add a $200 part to make them work.
And a limit of one per order is ridiculous (and I thought the 3/order limit for the Wyze Pan V2 was bad).
Ubiquiti sells very good reliable networking products. I just received 2 of their U6-LR’s, But I don’t think their cameras have the same bang for the buck that Wyze cams do.

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When I’m weighing trying to use their out of the box NVR vs doing it all myself in Frigate, it’s a tug of war on my heart. There’s things that Frigate does very well, but it’s a bit of a snowball when you mess up the YAML everything stops working quickly. I keep going back and forth on what I want to be my NVR. I can’t understand how to get Home Assistant to provide external hard drives to its add-ons like Frigate so that’s why I didn’t go all in on it previously. I just run it on an SSD.