Question about Wyze devices and dependency on the cloud/Internet

I am new to Wyze but not to home automation. I want to receive clarification on whether or not Wyze products continue to function within the home with my local network online, even if my Internet connection goes down for some reason. Can I still view my camera feeds, will the sensors continue to work and perform their functions, etc.? I like having additional functionality enabled via the cloud, but for me, it is a requirement that all of my devices function at home and perform their jobs whether there is an Internet connection or not (minus those tasks which require the Internet such as uploading video clips to cloud storage, monitoring from outside the home, etc).

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With no internet the cameras will continue to record to an sd card, but there would be no way to view remotely and events will not record to the cloud.

Original sensors wont work without internet. The new sensors/base will work without internet (and the base has a backup battery so it will work without power.) But you will not get notifications without internet.

Thank you for the response! Yes, I understand that remote viewing and uploading of video to the cloud and other events dependent on the cloud would no longer work, but can I still view the video feeds, will current sensors still trigger actions/events, alarm continues to function locally, etc.from within my own home? Ultimately, I am also hoping for an API that will work with home automation systems, such as OpenHAB, so that all of the features work at home (independent of the cloud, such as SmartThings, Google Assistant, Amazon, which do not work at all without the Internet).

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Typically you cant view the video feed without internet as the app authorizes via wyze servers. Sometimes if you’re on the same lan it will still display because of a prior authorization but I wouldnt bank on it.

The current sensors rely solely on the internet, so without it you’re shot.

The upcoming sensors will still sound an alarm without internet, and I dont believe they will trigger any rules (as those are all handled server side) but as I dont have first hand knowledge I’ll defer to someone else on that.

No Wyze API as of yet, but its something on their roadmap.

Thank you. Does this apply to the entry and motion sensors for home security, as well? I want everything to work so that if some potential intruder cuts the cable wire before breaking in that we will still be alerted. Home automation equipment dependent on the Internet is not good. I abandoned SmartThings because of that issue. Google and Amazon have the same problem. OpenHAB, Hue, TP-Link, and others continue to work when the Internet is not available. I am hoping that Wyze will take this into account and provide a solid system that works without the Internet but that is enhanced by utilizing the additional capabilities that can be accessed via the Internet. A solid API that works with OpenHAB and other systems within the home will assist with this. I pre-ordered a video doorbell, but I also want it to work without the Internet as a requirement. The Internet is great when it works, but in a crisis situation, the Internet may not be there for multiple reasons.

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These are all things I’ve been preparing to ask as well, as you have stated, the internet it’s nice and all but it’s not a guarantee. I’m preparing to pre-order the Wyze home security and many more items to enhance my home however, if I can’t rely on everything functioning if the internet is not working including monitoring my cameras, sensors, doorbell, events recording to my SD cards, ect than that is going to be a big issue for me. Until now it was never a question in mind that these are topics of concern because, why/who would anyone invest in security cameras, sensors, doorbell or anything of this nature where it’s dependant on anything outside of the home like the internet. Power, local intranet and anything else one might need to maintain such system can be can be supplied locally if needed. I would really like to hear more on these topics as it will be major factors in which direction is taken by many customers I’m sure.

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