Just wanted to say that you have to keep your camera where it is still streaming video within the wifi network regardless of internet connection. Many of us like to still monitor our cameras after the internet is down.
I tested it this morning. Internet was down… All IoT devices including the Wyze cameras stayed operational with all tablets and phones within the wiFi network. NEST product did not! I talked with NEST. ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS REQUIRED INTERNET and CLOUD TO OPERATE. Including their thermostat!
So to compliment you… please do not make your products 100% cloud dependent.
I am advertizing your product alot… among the engineering community and the prepper community. I am an engineer for a defense company… electrical and software engineer.
Your product is GREAT!


Thank you! We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying our products. I’ll definitely share your request with the team. :slight_smile: