Outdoor - WiFi Direct

Just purchased some Wyze cameras, and I am interested in adding some outdoor cameras to replace Nest. I know they come with the base station, and I am wondering if they will require the base station, or be able to directly connect to WiFi when close to the house?

I can see the base station for things like my barn, etc…

Apparently the new Wyze Outdoor camera requires the base station under all circumstances. Just one of the items that in my opinion, they blew it with the Outdoor camera.


Thanks. Yes, this is a huge disappointment, as my WiFi is pretty strong around the house. I’ll sit tight and see if future generations include this option. Seems like a big omission to me…

I was so very excited about the new outdoor camera. Requiring the use of their access point. Not worth the potential wifi interference.

I really wish someone would make a battery powered ip cam that could be viewed in a pc browser. I have a application that would purchase many cams. Oh well, maybe someday, unfortunate this new product doesn’t fit the bill

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