No Internet No Nothing! No Way!


We just just a storm which knocked out our internet connection for days.

And found out that without internet, no Wyze devices work even in LAN. at home.

Chat with a customer support person, and verified that internet is necessary for Wyze devices to work.

And it is a feature to be voted for, that is what I was told…

Everyone’s use is different, but I assume that we all have (at least in part) our Wyze cams and sensors, to be able to go back in time, if needed,

And to do so, reliability, working at all hours and minutes is necessary, because you know things always happens when you are not looking or devices are not working.

Currently a SD card in Wyze cam can still records continuously without internet, but there is no way to find section with motions nor marks where motions (detected by either cam itself or sensors wirelessly connected to the cam) on the recorded video.

That means you got to sit down and watch hours or even days of video manually,

Anyone like to do that?

Reliability is a feature to be requested?

Shouldn’t we have a least have a way to quickly review and find clips we need in recorded videos on SD cards?