Losing the Faith

I’m starting to lose the faith in the WyzeCam. I’ve had 2 Wyzecam2 and 2 Wyze Cam Pan for over a year.
I even put some of them outside (in a protected area) and still working.

However, I seem to have recurring connect problems (mostly with Pan Cam). I have fallen back to using a mechanical timer to restart my cameras once a night.
I also can’t use HD in any location - even with good wifi. The sound has also been disappointing I find it to be too weak in most situations. I thought that would improve over time but not so.
And recently, the app was updated and things got worse. Had to run motion sensitivity up to full to get any motion at all.
Viewing playback is also very tedious and unreliable.

To top it off, I took an old Nest camera and paid the $5 a month to get the basic online recording.
I was stunned at how quick and easy it is to browse around the daily timeline.
Not only does it not have any connection problems (very old technology) but it also filters out most motion if I want it too - and will just show people motion.

I was going to buy more PanCams, but I think I’ll wait.

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I hear ya , the pan cams worked good a year ago now they are all screwed up , I won’t buy another pan cam.
Bad thing is, new people are buying them everyday and the pan cams don’t do what they are supposed to do

Since I posted “Losing the Faith” my Wyze Cam cameras have improved dramatically.
Rarely have any connection problems now, like I was experiencing before. Even my remote cameras on a poor WiFi setup connect much better.
For me, the biggest improvement is the complete motion capture and the related “view playback”.
Previously, if yu clicked on playback while viewing a motion capture, you were brought back to the current time instead of the time of the capture. Very annoying to have to navigate back to the time of the capture. But now, you go right to the start of the motion capture you are viewing. And no more 5 minute pauses between captures - missed a lot because of that.
Still wish I could turn the volume up (or reduce the squelch) so I could hear more subtle sounds and I still can’t use detect sound because even on its lowest setting, I get too many sounds detected that are not that loud.
The motion tracking is still a bit jerky and is fooled by bright lights, but I think that will come.

I am now much happier with my connections and reliability. Planning on another camera soon.
As an aside, I have 2 PanCams installed outside under some protected eaves and after 2 years, they are both doing great. One is even at the beach - high humidity and corrosion - and has yet to fail.



Awesome! Congrats!

I asked wyze to look into this problem the other day.
After you get a couple of sound detection notifications from a camera it would help a lot if you send logs as requested in that other thread and come back in put your ticket number in that thread.

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i sent logs over a week ago and nothing. no response nothing.

i did find out why i was getting sound alerts, there apparently is some kind of pop sound going on. there is nothing around the camera so it has to be coming from the camera itself? its coming from like right next to the camera. like i said i did send in my logs but haven’t heard anything back

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