Finally give up hope?

So I’ve had the Wyze Cam Pan for about 6 months now. There’s always been a problem.
Have an SD card, signed up for the PLUS service for $1.49 a month which is now “upgraded” to Cam Plus. I’ve reset my device at least 25 times in 6 months, did everything I could to get this to work at an “acceptable” level and it just STINKS!! And it seems that ever since Cam Plus came into effect, it’s even worse!! I don’t get about HALF of the events that actually happen now. I know you “get what you pay for” and these were very inexpensive, but the accessory mounts, SD cards, etc. seem like it’s been a money pit. Is it about time to just hang it up and try a different camera? Anyone else have luck with another make/model by chance? Because I’m sorry but these are TERRIBLE.

Eufy 2K indoor camera is great and has tons more features than Wyze for abut $10 more with the frequent coupons. It does great person and pet detection with customizable zones and a whole bunch more stuff than Wyze Cams. Video is better to, especially at night. I have one I’ve been testing, but the one thing that is currently keeping me from switching all my Wyze cams to Eufy is that only one device can log into the app at a time. I can get around that by using an app like Tiny Cam on Android or IP Cam Viewer on IOS since Eufy has built in RTSP, but those apps can only view and not access all the many features in the app.


Ive actually had great luck with all of my Wyze Cams and i have had them since they first hit the shelves in 2017 or 2018… I have a couple out in the weather even and still no mishaps. So sorry you got a lemon but if i had to guess I would say that it might be your router? Maybe anyhow! Hope you have better luck!

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