Losing recordings on power cycele

Hello - Ive been told that local SD recordings are lost on a power cycle / app reset. This seems like a software defect. the camera should be able to be graceful on a restart so that the recordings are not lost.

My satellite DVR is graceful on a restart, so should this camera.

This is not true. Who told you this?

When i power cycle the unit, the SD card recordings are not available. I was on a support chat and they said to remove the SD card before power cycle to avoid corruption

Perhaps i have an issue when power cycling. I sometimes lose connection to the device. the camera is not very close to the wifi router and runs at 65-70% signal strength. When i power cycle to bring it back, there are no recordings. the support person thinks i lose connection due to the low signal strength.

It is a good idea to stop SD card recording before power cycling. But in general, a power cycle should not cause the SD card recordings to disappear.

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