Lost time on cam with SD

One of my cameras (the only one with an SD) lost about an hour today. Even if it lost WiFi it should still record, correct?

If the camera had WiFi when it started up, then yes, SD card recording should continue after WiFi is lost.

Is there any possibility your whole house lost power, and the camera restarted while the router was still down?

You were in continuous record mode on the SD card, correct?

I could watch live play back all morning up until a given time, Play back went out for just under an hour, then it was fine the rest of the day. Don’t think there was an outage, all the clocks in the house are correct. This event coincides with a time that some one could’ve just unplugged it, but the playback would’ve seen them approach the power source.

Do these cameras have any type of capacitor to keep them alive for a short time if power was lost? Even for a minute?

Do you share the camera or the user ID? They could have switched off the camera from the app.

As far as I know, they can not survive even a short power outage without shutting down.

Not shared.

To further troubleshoot, you may want to pull the card from he camera and see if the files for that hour are on the card and just not getting transmitted to the app for some reason.

I honestly think the person that was there managed to unplug it without being on video, then plugged it back in before leaving. I have a ring door bell too. Person came in, a few minutes later it goes out. 45ish minutes later it comes back on, a few minutes later they leave. Just strange the camera didn’t pick it up on play back prior to going out. It’s mounted on an interior wall overlooking my living room. Power supply right under it. Must have been some Ethan Hunt type stuff going on…oh well.