SD card view playback says "No video at the selected time" 4-5 hours after disconnecting from WiFi

SD Card “View Playback” says “No video at the selected time” at a time that is 4-5 hours after disconnecting from WiFi. Playback becomes available again once WiFi is turned back on for the Cam to connect. I thought the SD Card records 24X7 and playback should be available even for the hours when there is no WiFi connection? Anyone has similar issue? Thanks
Wyze Cam v3 SD card continuous recording. Firmware version

Nope all cameras need the internet so the recording can be uploaded to the cloud.

Yes that is correct. After an originally established Internet connection most features including SD recording should continue to work without Internet. However it’s a YMMV situation and may be less effective on V3 cameras. There are several threads discussing it. The shorter answer is that the cameras aren’t meant to be used offline (even with Wyze RTSP firmware) so you’re asking for trouble trying to do so.

What was the reason it lost WiFi? Because power went down?

The cam must have WiFi to boot again after it is powered back up. Until it boots, no SD card recording.

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