Losing connectivity on cams and bulbs constantly

Great, thanks Wrecks0. I will make that change at home. Appreciate that

Rather than unplugging all your cameras, try ‘resetting’ the bridge the cams are running through. That way no climbing involved.

There is no bridge they are running through. They are all connected to separate power outlets. Each camera would go out as well as each bulb. Hoping this new router and modem does the trick but its odd that it only affected Wyze items

Humm, I believe you have to have a bridge?

I think the bridge is referred to as Wyze Sense. It snaps onto the back of a camera of your choice.

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Oh, you are referring to the sense. I never installed the Wyze Sense due to the constant issues with just the camera and bulbs. Its still sitting in the box unopened and unsure if it will ever get used.

I see what you were thinking now. Good thought

Have you added/ included the bridge into your Wyze network? I wanted to find out if you achieved stabilization. Adding the wyze-sense bridge also gives you a lot more flexibility with programming, grouping, and creating routines & other options. :crossed_fingers:

Sorry for the late reply, i was traveling the weekend. i have not added the Wyze sense as of yet. I am still waiting out the new router and modem situation to see if i get constant stability that will last more than 2 weeks. It will be a week on Christmas so if it stay up until the New Year, i think we have a winner. I will probably look at connecting the Sense after that or possibly after the release of the Outdoor cam. Like most people, that is something i am really looking forward to.

I would never place these cameras indoor, Even though your network is a s secure as your password a seasoned hacker could watch you. I have all my cameras facing outside. Sorry it’s just these cameras still need more security so seasoned hackers can not use your cameras as a Voyer site.

I suggest trying a tri-band router from Netgear. Picked it up on black Friday for $70 orginally $250. It is a gaming router and what is good for gaming is great for everything, high speed, eliminates bottle necking especially 4k tv causes a lot of that and that could be your down time. If everyone is connected to your one connection. I have three, one 2.4 mhz and the other two are 3 mhz, the higher the number the more secure. The modem regulates power to each, I found the higher bandwidth have shorter range than the 2.4 then again 2.4 is less secure.

I have technical questions for you. I have a understanding of computers and used to own a computer repair and installation company. Do you live in a one story house or two story or three story? Apartment? If apartment what floor? Does your cell phone suffer like do you get full bars from 4g in your home? Or do you need a device the company supplies to you? You mentioned your with Sprint? You have Cable as internet or DSL? DSL is dial up type ISDN lines connected to fiber optics. Cable is cable connected to fiber optics. Where is your modem located in the house/apartment? What floor? Is the router and modem next to each other or one unit? I have two and I usually do not use the cable companies equipment, they like to charge people for fixing them or coming out every time it goes down so I troubleshoot my own equipment, it is better to have a understanding of how your system works it will save you money and lots of headaches in the future. Some information For you and others, A wireless router should be placed at its highest peak, second floor is better than first floor because wireless WiFi radio signals travel like an Umbrella. It is strong at first but drops at the end in a circle but the drop is as strong as the center so if you ace the WiFi higher the better the distance the signal will carry.


You’re right , that’s why my router sits 7 and a half feet off the floor on a shelf , single story house.
I have heard of people that have their router in the basement in wondering why they have problems

This happens to me, as well. I have my phone on my desk so I can monitor my 3 Wyze cams throughout the day and evening. I’d say the cameras “loose connection” 20-30 times. I’m constantly having to press the little circle to re-connect. I also have a Ring stick-up cam on the front porch, and it never looses connection. So… it’s not a “temporary power outage”. If it was, my microwave clock and alarm clock would be blinking all the time. I’ve purchased a new and better router… no difference. I don’t know what it is, but if there’s one thing that I’m disappointed in concerning the Wyze cam, it’s the disconnect issues.

Has no one suggested a wifi signal analyzer to determine signal strength at the devices?

Could be as simple as a range extender.

Structure has a huge impact on signal strength, more walls, metal encased appliances, chimneys, floors, flooring, siding type, framing type, wallboard type, furniture materials size & placement, all have an impact on the signals, sucking them up, bouncing them indeterminantly, blocking them.

My place is sooo weird where you would think a relatively small foot print should be within full coverage of the router, but hell no!
Now running wifi 2 extenders, AND a set of ethernet over power devices to deal with all the damned deadspots in this joint, and I have about 2400 square ft on 3 stories (including basement)

I think the hardest part of getting good coverage is no manufacturer shows you their best case antenna signal pattern, so you can optimize placement & orientation.

Imagine what you could do if you knew orienting your router 45* off axis would cover your place better than having it perpendicular or parallel to the wall. This info is priceless but never available.

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I’m currently still out of town and I have maintained connectivity since replacing the router. This is the first time I have went out of town and still had access to my camera’s. If my cams stay up for another 2 weeks, I would say it was my router/modem that was the issue. I may still look into one of the plug in ranger extenders for the heck of it since they are under $30. Hopefully since I’m saying my connection has been fine for 2 weeks, it doesn’t go out in the next few days. If it does, I will definitely report it here.


FYI scored a tplink mesh ac1200 extender for 65 bucks on amazon (model RE300)
so 2.4 & 5ghz bands at 300 & 867 mbit thruput respectively
So far pleased.

Also using a wavlink 300mbit outdoor rated unit (unused from an expansion at our swim club) in my basement workshop, sufficient for web stuff and printing.

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Found out the problem was server side, I am currently on travel and at a hotel. So far all the audio video is coming up real quick. I’m glad they fixed the server side issue, I can see the difference now.

So it has been 3 weeks since Spectrum replaced my router and modem with new equipment and i have had steady connectivity. I think this has solved my continuous problems with reliabilty.

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Very good to hear! I am glad you reported back, thank you!

No problem, i wanted to give it enough time to see and this is probably the longest it has been constant for me. If anything else happens, i will add to this thread but im praying things remain good.

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