Looking to sign up for Cam Protect for my V3 indoor/outdoor cam... Questions

It seems that customer service cannot answer my question at all.

Does the 24/7 professional monitoring service meant for indoors only? I have a V3 indoor/outdoor placed towards my driveway for bad actors (prowlers and such) and would like to use the service to monitor the outside of my home for any malicious activity.

This link might get you closer to an answer.

You can use it outdoors, but it certainly increases the risk of false alerts. Let me give you some examples:

If you arm this on a camera facing the front of your house, then someone could be walking by on the sidewalk or across the road and trigger the alarm even though they’re not doing anything on your property.

Or lets say you limit it to your property. What happens if you’re on vacation, swimming in the lake or ocean and a neighbor or family member comes to knock on your door while you’re away? They didn’t break into your house, but now the alarm is triggered because an outdoor cam saw a person on your property. You don’t get the message because maybe you’re scuba-diving or something, so now law enforcement is called over and they discover there was no break-in, and now they charge you a false alarm fee.

In addition to the above, it is my understanding that Wyze has put extra effort into the Person detection feature of Cam Protect to be able to recognize a person in an indoor context.

There are a lot of potential issues with “Arming” a camera that is outside, but CAN you do it? Sure. Maybe you want it to watch your backyard or somewhere there should never be a person when the system is armed. You can certainly do that. Just be aware that any false alarm fees you might incur from local law enforcement are your responsibility. You can use Cam Protect just like Cam Plus anywhere you want (it’s just a little more expensive). One benefit of Cam Protect over Cam Plus, besides the Alarm system built into it, is the friendly faces features they are working on.

It might be designed for indoor use (watch your front door and windows for a person during times there shouldn’t be a person), but it will allow outdoor use…it just might get annoying having it trigger for things that don’t really need an alarm triggered. I guess it’s up to you if you want to do it outdoors (it’s just not recommended since it’s less effective that way as there are many places people are legally allowed to be without it being trespassing or dangerous).

Consider reading through the rest of the Cam Protect FAQs too: