Outdoor cam no people detection

Did wyze change the detection for the cams? I know my cam used to detect people (motion) but now all it detects is vehicle or other motion. Anything with people involved is not recording… Had some stuff stolen from my back deck when to check the video and low and behold nothing their. But yet i have vid of my neighbor driving into their driveway and other motion but nothing with a person in it… Nothing for me arriving home

Do you have cam plus? If not after a event was recordered,reordered, cool down time is 3 minutes untill it will record again.also try to sign out of the app then back in e

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no i did not have plus earlier… I could go walk around in the back yard and it would not detect me. But yet a car goes by, dog out in back yard and it would detect and record… I even went back and looked at the recordings and they were blank while i was outside i got one that flashed briefly and then i was gone but yet the recording kept going…
I just signed up for plus and it did pick me up on one walk around in the back yard but only recorded for 25 seconds.
Not overly impressed its been a year since i had to look at the cam and i had shut off the notifications. i know it used to detect people and actually show the motion surrounded by a green box. Im also positive i could select people only notifications now the only option is al notifications… Im pretty upset that you now have to pay for these features. If i can’t get them to work the way they used to im going to toss these things in the trash and go with something that will do what i want… All i want to be notified about is if someone comes in my back yard… I really should not have to set up a detection area to eliminate other notifications…

Well i talked to 4 other people i know that have the same system they are all having the same issues… Not cool when a manufacturer changes the rules after people have purchased the system. Maby make it worth wile and make the software look like it has had some thought and was designed within the last 10 years… Cams coming down and going in the trash same with the other 4 people… New system i have works perfect and much better resolution and records locally