Looking for rule/schedule advice for push notifications

Hi, I’m seeking advice on how to set up push notifications for my Wyze cam V2. Thanks in advance.

For example, I have the cam set up in “Building A”. I have a schedule set up to mute notifications between 10am and 10pm because I’m often times in view of the camera and don’t want to receive notifications. But there are instances when I leave Building A (between 10am and 10pm) and want notifications active. So I set up a rule to unmute notifications in case I leave Building A between 10am and 10pm. I like the rule feature because I can quickly tap to enable it, but does it override the schedule? What should I set up for when I return to Building A (before 10pm) and want notifications to automatically resume after 10pm?

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I think in this instance you would want to use the “shortcut” feature WITH the rules. the way the rules work is that the times you have set are effectively the “tripwires” for carrying out the parameters set up in a rule.

so if in your instance at 10 am the rule triggers to mute notifications, that will get carried out AT 10 am and only at that time. if you would to set up a manual shortcut to turn notifications back on and you execute that when you leave that is the last order given and will remain in effect until another automated rule or a shortcut is executed to turn them back off.

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I think here you meant the shortcut as opposed to rule. you appear to have the basics for understanding the setups and how to do them quite well. I do commend you there as they can be somewhat confusing at times. your best bet is just what you are already doing. set your rules to automate. and trigger them manually on or off as needed. the only downside to that is that you could forget to turn them back on should you leave in a hurry or something.

I believe the company is currently working on a feature similar to how the lock uses a gps signal and can change states if you are inside or outside of a set area. it’s been brought up for quite some time and the new rules engine is looking to be rather robust and capable. but we haven’t heard anything “official” just yet.

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Much appreciated. You were right too (I did mean shortcut instead of rule). It sounds like currently the solution is to manually toggle the rule back on to receive notifications. I was hoping for something automatic so that I wouldn’t have to remember to access the app. I’ll keep my eyes out for a possible gps feature. Thanks!

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the only thing I can think of would be to use a motion sensor to automate the rule. but that would require the HMS kit ( subscription not needed)

using the motion sensor you could set up a rule such as

motion sensor one-> clear for 10 minutes-> notifications for camera 1,2,3 etc turn on

dont set it to trigger on anything, just use it only for the rule on automation when it clears.

it’s just a thought though.

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