Push notifications on a schedule

Hi - any way to get push notifications only after “office hours”? I’m primarily interested in break ins at night but don’t want to see a notification when my staff are there.

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @kkocameron!

Absolutely! All you need to do is to create a rule to do that.

In the top right, press the pencil icon then Edit Rules. Press the plus + icon to create a new rule, then Schedule.

Name the rule whatever you want, put in the scheduled times (and days) to turn off your notifications (or on, your preference), then press Add Actions. There, you can turn off all push notifications (or on for that matter), or you can select individual cams or other Wyze devices to include in the same rule. You can add in as many actions as you like by pressing the plus + sign to add more.

Hope this helps! Good luck!