Ability to Scheduled Push Notifications between certain hours only

Love the Wyze system… but wish I have the ability to capture event 24/7 but only recieve push notifications during certain parts of the day.
Here is why…
Using this to capture event inside our retail store and it works great, but I only want to get push notifications for after hours, when the store is closed and should have nothing going on.

Get a notification everytime we move around or someone comes in the door is crazy, and having to turn them on/off each day is a pain in the butt.

A simple schedule to only send notification between the hours of _________ to ________ would be perfect.
Something that could be set by the day of the week would be most helpful as it would allow for 24 hours on a closed day, but only from say 6 pm to 9 am our normal hours closed and all other days…

Thanks for considering .

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You can already do this using the Shortcuts feature: