Timebox Notifications

I want to be able to set notifications to begin each day at XX:XX and end at XX:XX.

I use Wyze cams for night security in my retail store, which is open daily.

The movement notifications are not needed when the store is open, however I would like to receive notifications of movement when the store is closed, e.g. from 9pm until 7am daily.

I submitted a ticket and was told this is not yet a feature Wyze supports.

[Mod Note]: Request was moved to this category as your request is satisfied by existing functionality.

Welcome to the Wyze Community Douglas. To satisfy your scenario, you need to create a Rule/Schedule. In this example, Notifications for your cam will be enabled everyday from 9pm-7am. Note that in this example, motion triggered Events will still be captured 24/7. If for some reason (privacy?) you do not wish to capture motion events and receive no associated notifications, simply specify “Turn on motion detection” instead of “Turn on notifications”:

Wyze app Home > Add (“+” icon in upper left) > Add Rule > Schedule > Give your rule a name if you wish > Specify a start time (9pm) > specify an end time (7am) > don’t select day icons as the default is everyday > Add Action > select you cam > Turn on notifications > optionally add another cam to your Action List by tapping Add Action, repeat and when done tap Save at the bottom.

Notifications will be enabled at 9pm everyday and will be automatically disabled at 7am. Note that if you create and enable this Rule between 9pm-7am, you’ll have to wait a day for it to take effect.

To edit your Rule/Schedule: Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon in upper right) > Edit Rules > select your Rule

Let us know if you have additional questions.


Amazing, thank you very much. Glorianne from Wyze support told me it couldn’t be done, so I’m glad to hear it can.

Thanks, Douglas


Pssst. He took my answer ;).