I disable push notifications but 24 hours later they are enabled again

I disable push notifications but 24 hours later they are enabled again.

What notification is being disabled? Account notifications or camera notifications? What rules do you have that are associated with the camera or your account? If camera, Do you share the camera with anyone? Do you share your account info with anyone?

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Thanks very much for your response Omgitstony. I am talking about the notifications at ACCOUNT > NOTIFICATIONS > PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. I don’t recall ever having setup any rules. When I look at “Rules” I see …

I don’t share the camera or account with anyone. (I wouldn’t know how!)

Thanks, Bob

Click “turn alerts off at night” and post a screen shot of that rule. Make sure all actions in that rule are shown. What was that schedule rule made for? That may be your culprit.

Do you use the “I’m home”? Shortcut? What actions are in that rule?

Also, click the “history” at the bottom, and post a screen shot of that screen. Thanks!

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Thank you very much Omgitstony!! You have solved my problem. Here’s my “turn alerts off at night” rule:

So I can see now what the problem is. I think I will just delete the rule and see what happens. I think that my iPhone doesn’t let notifications thru at night so I should be ok.

Thanks very much for your help!!



Yep, because that specific action was chosen, that then tells the system to disable your ACCOUNT notifications at 10p, the. Re enabled them at 8a. Delete or disable that rule and the system won’t turn off your account level notifications.

There are three different levels of notification controls, at the device, level, your account level, and then the app level. Each of those three levels need to be enabled for you to get notifications through, but if any one of those three is disabled, you won’t get notifications into your phone or device.

Glad you got it to work!

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Thanks for your prompt replies which steered me to the right place and the solution!!


I set mine to stop push notifications until 8am but it never turns off. I have to go back in and cancel it by pushing the bell (again) which has a slash thru it indicating that the notifications are off.Also, it never stops pushing the notifications, We get movement notices all thru the night. Any suggestions?

Can you post screen shots of that rule? Make sure all actions are included in the screen shot. Also what does your rules history show? Can you post screen shots of that also? In the history screen shot, click the drop downs on the right side to open up that time please, thanks!

I’m not using a “rule” per se, I hit the bell at the top right of the home screen (see screen shot) which gives me the options (also in the screen shot). I select the “until 8am” option.

Sorry, It wouldn’t let me edit. I select “until tomorrow morning” than a window pops up saying it will be off until 8 a.m.