Longer Event Video Lengths

No. 5 min. Read the specs - read all the other posts talking about the issues with the 5 MINUTE delay. Check your time stamp on the clips.

I did and that’s why was puzzled. Then again my account has only 2 cameras and little night activity. One reason why I noticed were multiple videos within a minute or even 2 where a moth triggered the motion sensor of the camera and a clip was recorded (and notification sent). So that’s why I didn’t understand the 5 min. cool down that has been mentioned here.

That’s odd since no one else has mentioned event clips saved in under 5 min. I certainly have not had any - maybe on my SS card but not 12 sec cloud event clips. Guess you’re either blessed or damned depending on your point of view - in my case too frequent notifications would drive me nuts.

“in my case too frequent notifications would drive me nuts.” indeed that’s why I noticed the frequent clips. We have a few moths cheerfully fluttering in the living room (Dr. Killigan’s traps only target males so it will take time to get rid of them) and for a couple nights I kept getting way too frequent notifications so much so I had to turn them off :frowning:
That’s something I mentioned in the wishlist about improving the quality of the motion sensor in the camera to have it recognize insects flying close to the camera and being illuminated by the IR light.

When an event is detected it doesnt tape the whole event just the beginning.

I don’t know if you are asking a question or what,
are you talking about the 12 second event clips on the cloud or SD card

Wyze maybe you could make one flat fee for a certain amount of cameras. Instead of per camera

My Wyze app just got updated and it said compete motion capture. Is it same as the topic or something else?

Yes that is the same thing. Compete motion capture is where you pay $1.49 per cam per month and the camera will record the full time of the motion event. For example if someone is walking around for a minute it will record the entire time.

It makes the cameras much more useful!

I think the price is reasonable.

I may consider subscribing.

Looks like the status of this one can change to “Launched” now. :slight_smile: Woohoo!

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MOD NOTE: This feature was released in app version 2.6.x. Please see the following links for more information:




I prefer pricing by total storage used, not by cam number. Why should the cost be the same for someone that has 2 or 3 events per month & someone that has constant events happening a month - .