Motion Detection Framing

So far (day 1), I really like my new cameras. I do have one observation, though: in all of my motion detected clips, I feel like it starts the recording too early. I end up with 2/3rd of the clip being before anything happens, and then just the start of the action in the last 1/3rd.

While I’d like to keep seeing a few seconds before the movement, I’d really like to see more of the movement itself, too. Maybe 3 seconds before the movement, and then however long the recording can be.

Also, it appears that there’s a “cool-down” period after motion is detected. I’d love it if that could be shortened. So if the movement lasted several minutes, then I’d get a few clips throughout the duration of the movement. This would really help with security, as it could capture an initial break-in and then a few clips of a burglar doing their thing.

And just to complicate this post, I see that the officially supported card capacity is up to 32GB. Has anybody tried a 64GB card, and do they work?

The cool down is 5 minutes when using the alert videos upload to AWS and viewed from the Notifications tab.

If you put in an SD card, you can setup “event recording”. This records the longer of 1 minute or when motion stops. It also has no cool down.

Yes, you can use a 64GB card. People have also reported 128g work as well.

Thank you for your response!

I’m glad that you can record longer with an SD card. That will really help.

I’ve got 32GB cards on their way, but I’ll look for some larger ones, too. Thanks.