Longer Event Video Lengths

Great idea! A 30 second event would make these cameras great. 12 sec is too short, and a non action stop would save cloud storage for Wyze

I agree… make the current (X-amount) free storage space user configurable. For instance, longer clips or shorter cool-down periods (in which less clips would be stored or clips would be purged out sooner than 14-days). I have purchased five cameras so far strictly for the “free” storage and will be very disappointed if that option is removed. It would be very nice if the user had more flexibility with how their free storage space is used.

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I just started using the motion sensor, I wish there was an option to adjust the sensitivity

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I just bought this Wyze camera. The camera is great considering its price.

The 12 sec video is too short and 5 min cooling period is ridiculously long.

Each user should be given a free amount of X GB of cloud data. Then it is up to each user to configure their recording time and cooling down period.

Yeah yeah I know the length and cooling period affects the size and bandwidth of AWS.


I vote (not that there is a vote) for local NAS storage but without having to use some special firmware. Everyone I know has some type of NAS on their local network, I prefer QNAP.

If you would like to vote for NAS, you do that here:

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I have a bunch of cheap $30 wifi “spy” cams that let me set the video record on alert times to 1-10 minute intervals. They require no subscription service or anything, they just start recording when an event is triggered, and stop at the number of minutes I set, if the alert is still triggered, then they start right up recording the next X minute clip onto the micro SD card.

This has really been my only real complaint about the Wyze cams. I have my other cams set to 5 or 10 minute recordings, but with Wyze, I only get a few seconds, and there are a lot of gaps where it didn’t record for seconds or even minutes between recordings, even though there was motion in full view of the camera the entire time.


Letting us use our own cloud storage would be nice as a way to fix this. Or someone mentioned giving us less days and longer videos. How about we get a set amount of space instead and we can choose our own length of video? And then when the space is full, the oldest videos get deleted. I don’t think anyone will wait to download the videos of criminals breaking in for 14 days anyways. But to cut the videos off at 12 seconds when people are still in frame, moving around, and causing trouble isn’t good. And what’s with the cool down period? These cameras are marketed to be security cams, so to say they shouldn’t be used for security, seems very silly to me.


I would be very desirable to be able to select the pre- and post- event record time. Eg I would like to be able to select for example to have the event recording include 5 seconds BEFORE event detection and 20 second AFTER event detection.
I have the camera installed outside and it often cuts off before the actual event is over.

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Seems 12 sec duration sometimes starts too early as someone approaches and ends before they come into close view. Maybe allow for user controls such as event start delay maybe 1-5 sec and event duration maybe 10-20 sec. Something like this could help a lot.

The 5 minute cool down period is kinda too far and long in between motion detection for each event. Perhaps giving the option under settings to set this “cool down” period for shorter time frames during each event, like 1 minute or 30 seconds. When important events arise, we will need the camera’s rolling continuously. Perhaps having the events trigger the SD card recording for at least 5 minutes at a time would be a great feature to have under settings.

If you have the SD card set to record on motion it will record in 1-minute increments for as long as there is motion. It is not restricted by the cool down rule


Jason is right. I have my cameras set on continuous recording, and it records 24/7 to my SD card. I don’t miss any events at all. I can go to play back and view any recorded footage needed.


I would love to have a longer recording time (I think it’s like 12 seconds or something) but I use these cameras as security and to watch my dog and 12 seconds is just not enough time to see what’s really going on. On top of that I have my cameras to record sound and motion and it doesn’t do it all the time. Everything is up to date so I don’t know I want stuff to work completely and longer record times

If you read the specs and details, it talks about the 5 min cool down between events which are a fixed 12 sec. I’ve had a lot of misses when someone comes to drop a package triggers the event when they first drive up, the 12 seconds pass and it completely misses them walking toward the door. I’ve tried to reduce the detection zone to avoid the curb out front but the position right now makes it difficult. I have no power outside so no option to mount it in the best location. The only option is to record continuously to the SD card and view playback if still available depending on SD capacity. However for checking on dogs or kids or parents, etc, you can view the live stream. All these require you got access to the app because there’s no option to view via PC or browser.

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Thank you I know that but the 12 seconds thing is what’s bugging me the most.

Personally, I’d like to see both a delay and some extension of event time. Something like a 2-5 sec delay and then maybe 15-20 sec of event recording. There is a corner at my walkway and once it sees an approaching movement it starts, sometimes it’s just shadow moving, but if a person does not immediately turn towards the door, then it sometimes ends before they get to the door area. I’m trying to tweak the detection zone so it won’t trigger until after the corner but then the view misses part of the landing at the entry.

If had an AI request, it would be to recognize speed so it could ignore passing vehicles. Even in these small community streets cars move at 10 mph or more.

With the current video length set to 12 seconds, if I want to view more time it’s a multi-step process:

  1. Make a note of the event time and back-out of the event
  2. Switch to Home
  3. Switch to the corresponding camera - wait for it to load
  4. Press “View Playback”
  5. Scroll through hours of video to find the precise time of the event

It’s so much easier with my other security product.

As a new user this is news to me… I have no SD and I can still see small events detected and recorded… granted there’s a little delay but I don’t get the 5 min cool down… did you mean to say 5 seconds? Thanks

I’d love to be able to set a custom clip length where the recorded clip would be X amount of seconds or even minutes or shorter if nothing is detected after the initial triggering event. If writing on the card and not recording continuously shouldn’t that be achievable?