Locked out of account. Please help me

Please help me. I was having issues with the latest Wyze Sense Hub update. Support told me to log out of my app and log back in. But I was also having issues with my phone number and had to port my number to Google Voice. It’s working and I can get 2FA code messages from other services, but Wyze is no longer sending the code to my number. I’ve tried many times and nothing is received. I spent a long time with support and they said I had to make a new account. That would take hours to do. I have many devices and many rules. Can’t Wyze provide some other way for me to verify so I can get back into my account. I don’t have a backup number set or authenticator app because when I turned 2FA on I didn’t even know they were options. I really need to get back into my account and get things working again. Please help me! Just because my number is with a different carrier doesn’t mean you should stop sending 2FA codes. Please let me verify my account somehow. Others who have been locked out have had success by asking one of the engineers to temporarily turn off 2FA. I’d be glad to add authentication when an authenticator app. But I can’t do it unless I’m in my app. I wish support never told me to log out as a troubleshooting step for my Wyze Sense Hub.