Lock shared notifications

So I’ve shared our door locks with my wife. I get notifications perfectly on my phone. She cannot enable notifications on hers. I read some articles that say if I have notifications turned on, she should get them. But she does not. Obviously notifications are enabled on the phone. I called Wyze about this last year and they suggested we share the same username and password. The problem is it signs one of us out when the other one signed in. Assuming Wyze can’t make this work the way it should, does anyone recommend a different door lock that can be shared with notifications and also has a keypad option?

This is the first I’ve heard of the Wyze app being signed out when it is signed in on another device on the same account. I run the Wyze app on my iPhone and iPad at the same time and never have this issue.

The only thing I can think of is do you have 2FA enabled? I do have 2FA. Perhaps not having 2FA enabled causes this? Maybe one of our @Mavens has more insight.

I’ve also never heard of being signed out when you sign in on another device. I have more than 10 devices (5 physical Android phones, 1 iPhone, and at least 6 virtual Android emulations), plus a few devices that are signed into the account with a 3rd party API like Home Assistant, Plus Tiny Cam Pro, and Docker Wyze Bridge, etc, that sign into my same account and none of them ever get signed out just because another Device signed into the account.

As with Loki I do use 2 factor authentication now, but I didn’t use it for a part of last year and still didn’t have the problem last year when I didn’t use 2FA.

If your phone is logging out when somebody else logs in, there must be some kind of problem. I would clear the cache and the data from the wyze app. Maybe uninstall it and reinstall it and see if that fixes that issue because that’s not normal.