Doorbell not providing notification to share users

Pretty simple here, wondering if anyone heard if this feature will be added soon.
Most single family homes have more than one person living there like myself.
If someone rings the Wyze doorbell, it only rings the main user, and not anyone else who has shared access. I looked through the settings of both the main user and the shared user and nothing indicates to add this obvious option.


Have not heard anything. My doorbell hasn’t been delivered yet so I can’t test myself yet. Is this a trusted person? You could all use the same login info and not have to share, that’s what me and my wifey do. Does the shared user get any Wyze notifications?

I guess signing in on the same account would be a temp fix, but Wyze should add the feature so that multiple accounts will get notifications if they would like to.

Does that shared user get any Wyze notifications from any device? According to the doorbell FAQ, they should from the doorbell.

Same with us. Just got my doorbell yesterday, my husband set it up and shared it with me. He gets the notifications for the doorbell and I dont, I dont even have an option in my settings for it.
We both get notifications for other shared devices though

Agreed same here. Shared user gets motion etc notifications but not that someone is at the door.

I confirm that shared users do not have any menu options to enable notifications of any kind with the Doorbell I just installed. This missing feature is a basic necessary item to make the smart doorbell reach a minimum capability within a household. Please advise.

Same problem with shared not ringing.

I just installed mine, and shared with my wife. She wasn’t getting notifications at first, but we exited and reopened the wyze app on her phone and they started showing up, but very delayed. This seems to be more than just that shared users don’t get the push notifications.

So just setup our Video Doorbell. Shared with my wife. When she went to download App, (app store), it wanted her to pay for CamPlus service for a year. Is this typical? Are you other folks using CamPlus?

Is their any update on this? I also discovered that sharing a single account, the auto-unlock feature doesn’t function properly. If I come home before my wife, the door auto-unlocks. However, when she comes home [logged into the same primary account] it does not. This is vice-a-versa also. If she comes home before me, the door auto-unlocks for her but not for me. So, either she can remain logged into the primary account [mine] and receive doorbell rang notifications or log into her own account and get the auto-unlock feature. This is a serious issue.

I share our doorbell with my dad. I get notifications when the doorbell is rung. But my dad does not.

Any update or fix for this yet?

Does he get any Wyze app notifications? His wyze app settings or his phone os settings for the Wyze app may have notifications disabled.

Yes, he does. he can get notifications if the camera/doorbell sees people or movement and all that. But he doesn’t get the notification when the doorbell rings.

Same problem here. Any plan on fixing this Wyze?