Notification across multiple shared users

I have installed two Wyze cameras recently at my house. I set the cameras to notify only when a person is detected. The setup was easy and worked beautifully. I was so impressed with the product I installed several cameras at my parents house under my account. They’re not gadget literate so I needed to be able to control them from my device. Again the setup was easy and I set the notifications the same as mine at home. I have the cameras from my home shared with my wife’s user account and the cameras from my parents house shared with their respective user account. However, when an event is detected on any of my parents cameras and a notification is sent, my wife gets the notification as well though she is not listed as a shared user for these cameras. Is there a way to correct this situation? Any help would be appreciated.


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Does your wife use the same email and password to log into the wyze app as you do ?

Aha! She was logged in under me. Re-logged and problem solved!

Thank you

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