Doorbell VoIP support for Spouse login

We have enjoyed the video doorbell - our previous biggest wishlist item was for calls to come in when someone was at the door vs having to hunt for a notification.

So you can imagine our happiness when we saw the VoIP option appear in the latest app.

Until…we noticed that it only appeared on my app and not my Wife’s because I “own” the doorbell and have shared it with her.

We used to login to the same account which would get around this but had to have her sign in as herself for the Wyze Watch and Scale.

So now we’re in a catch 22 - login as the same account and lose access to watch and scale functionality for one spouse, or login to two different apps and only one of us can actually get incoming calls (of course we never know who will be home, away, awake or asleep :slight_smile:

Is there a possible solution for this quandry? Thanks!


It’s to the point with the wide variety of products that Wyze create a Household account or share vs a generic product share. HH shares could have full access to doorcambell video and calls, for example. When a product is added to your app, you have the choice to designate it as part of the HH: doorcambell, lamp, robovac, etc; or personal: scale, watch, etc. If users could create multiple Households that may solve users’ issues with multiple locations: AirBnBs, vacation homes, etc.

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I’m in a bit of a comparable situation. I installed doorbells and cameras for my parents’ house within my own account and shared them with their Wyze account.

I do this so I can manage the cameras, troubleshoot as necessary, update firmware, and pay for them to have CamPlus within my own account.

Being able to associate who to notify for a specific doorbell based upon who they’ve been shared with would be a particularly useful feature for me. Especially if I could deselect myself for their doorbell notifications.